Environmental Services

We offer a range of biology and wetland resource services that serve public and private sector needs. Utilizing a comprehensive and objective approach to ecological and regulatory aspects of environmental resources, we ensure high value outcomes for our clients. 


We help our clients early in the planning phase of projects by providing environmental due diligence to identify environmental liabilities and their underlying financial and business risks. Our knowledge and experience of with various regulatory agencies and types of permits allow us to generate actionable reviews and recommendations to assist our clients in complying with local, state, and national laws and regulations.

Environmental Impact Projects

Permit application development

Agency corrdination


Reporting for State and Federal projects

Species Inventories

Identification of:

    Listed species

    Critical habitat


    Migratory birds





Wetland & Hydrologic Determinations

Wetland delineations

Stream assessments

Boundary identification

Permit preparation

Professional Cartography

High resolution, 3-D deliverables

ArcGIS Services