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Who We Are

Estes and Estes Engineering, Inc. has over 40 years of experience with civil engineering and land surveying.  Licensed in 13 states for engineering and 1 for land surveying.  We are a small business comprised of highly qualified individuals who all contribute to the success of each and every project.  Focused on industrial, commercial, and municipal projects, Estes and Estes Engineering, Inc. has the expertise to take your project from the conceptual start to the final construction. 

David E. Estes, PE, PLS
Benjamin R. Estes, EIT

Mr. Estes is both a licensed Professional Civil Engineer and a Professional Land Surveyor.  His experience encompasses the planning, design, construction, and operations of public infrastructures.  He has provided engineering services for streets, highways, airports, storm systems, site improvements, landfills, sanitary sewer facilities, and water systems.  He has extensive experience with the public sector having served for 32 years as the appointed City Engineer for numerous communities as well as the District Engineer for water and sanitary agencies.  He holds TN and GA Level 2 EPSC certification for stormwater design.

Ben is an Engineer in Training, working under the guidance of David.  Having graduated with a bachelors of science in Civil Engineering from Kennesaw State University in 2018, he has worked on a multitude of projects.  His experience ranges from highway - railroad crossing improvements, signing and marking, site layout, grading, hydrology design, and surveying.    

Company Codes:

Primary NAICS Code: 541330

Secondary NAICS Codes: 541370, 541340, 541690, 541990

Professional Engineering Licenses: KY, TN, AL, AZ, FL, GA, MS, SC, OH, MO, UT, LA, CO

Professional Surveying Licenses: KY

Company Certificates: Small Business 

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